Dont Fuck With Daddy

Don’t Fuck With Daddy!

We collect debt!

We provide the evidence authorities can’t produce.

We negotiate hostage fees.

Fast and efficient.

We are represented in almost every country in the world and we can collect your money/evidence anywhere in the world.

No escape!

We maintain a 100% success rate.

Wes Jones

Wes Jones

Wes and Dave started Dont Fuck With Daddy in 2015.

Wes is skilled in secret and invisible warfare mostly in Africa as a Soldier for hire. Grew up in Thailand and is a skilled Muay Thai fighter. Master in psychological persuasion. Can turn anything into a weapon. Met Dave in Kenya  2005 and they founded in 2006.

Wes has extracted multiple hostages from warzones all over the world. He is a master in communication.

“Pain is an international language everybody understands.”


Dave Snyper

Dave “Snyper”

Born in the US in 1978. Grew up in The Bronx. Freelance entrepreneur. Martial arts expert. Repairs any vehicle using primarily duct tape. Walked in and out of jails most of his early life. Can be hired for extreme jobs. At 18 the judge presented him with a choice. 10 years of hard time or the military.

He chose the army and served 2 years before joining U.S. Army’s Special Forces (Kenya) and after a year he was invited by Navy Seals to become a CQCI.

Approached by CIA Special Operations Group (SOG) he accepted deployment for covert assignments in the middle east for 4 years and retired in 2007.

Extremely experienced in underwater, jungle, and mountain biomes.