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It is not that hard to find bugs in most of the systems that are available to us online. Google(mail, Analytics, Search Console), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter just to mention a few. And on top of that they are so arrogant that they have NO customer support.

Many people will never esperience bugs, but as soon as you begin to really utilize these systems the bugs will pop up almost everywhere.

And if you are like me you attract bugs!

In this article I will show a few of the bugs I have experienced. Mostly on Facebook but Instagram is pretty bugged too.


Facebook, Instagram and Trust!

One overwhelming problem with these platforms – Facebook and Instagram in particular is that you can’t trust them! 

They are very well known to ban people right and left for doing absolutely NOTHING wrong. 

People at Meta has this childish blame attitude which is reflected in their systems. Almose EVERY single errormessage you get they woill accuse you of not complying with their so called “Community Standards” or they will blame you for having shared your password with third party or “We suspect automated behaviour on your account”. 

Blame, blame, blame!!!

But the FACT is that EVERY SIINGLE TIME this happens it is because of BUGS in their software! EVERY SINGLE TIME!

And this is very typical for blame people! They do NOT take responsibility FIRST! 

As a soldier I can tell you this does NOT work. Blaming will bring you in unnecessary risk. Taking responsibility will remove unnecessary rsik!

But they have never been in a life threatening situation that taught them how to react in a way that is constructive and safe.

This means that you CAN NOT rely on Facebook and Instagram as your only way of income. You HAVE to have alternatives!

The risk of getting ban hammered or limited on those platforms are way to high! Thousands and thousands of people have tried it.

For some obscure reason my Instagram account experienced a limitation. Every time I wanted to follow some one I got this message.

I reported it a number of times and tried for half a year everything I could find to get in contact with Instagram, but seriously. They couldn’t care less.

I had 93 followers and I follow 73 people and I had exactly 10 posts and I am 100% certain I didn’t violate their so-called Community Guide lines. I have to note here that Instagram is NOT a community. And do not call it Social Media either! It is none of those. it is a BUSINESS!!! Nothing more!

Six months went by and nothing happened. So I decided to forget about this account and create another account. But that project also went south.

I signed up by entering a new mail, my username and real name. Got a confirmation code on mail which I entered and then I got this:


Of course I disagreed A LOT and clicked the blue button after which they AGAIN wanted to confirm my mail. I entered the code I got and now they also wanted confirmation by SMS so I entered my phone number.

Now, Facebook and Instagram in my world are two of the most buggy systems I have ever seen. I have encountered dozens of bugs in both networks – which I have a ton of screen shots of.

So that SMS confirmation code never arrived. I tried to request a new code with a few minutes in between but NO code ever arrived. No code what so ever. Not even in the following days. 


As you can see I could change my phone number so I tried my second phone. Twice. With a few minutes in between. No code EVER arrived on this phone either.

Sixth time I requested an SMS code I got a message saying I tried too many times and had to wait 24 hours.

This is where I gave up…

I am not surprised. Not the least.

This shit is so badly constructed. It is bugged to high hell.

My Relevant Background

I have been a system developer most of my life. I have programmed computers since I was a teenager. My first was a Sinclair ZX80. It had a program that could show the clock on a monitor. A program that came with the computer. But it had only hands for hours and minutes. So I programmed a hand for seconds. In less than 60 seconds.

My first programming language was Basic. The next was Cobol. And there is a reason why Cobol still lives! Cobol teaches you to code CORRECTLY. No other programming language does that.

I am SO glad I learned Cobol from the beginning. It made my programming a hell of a lot more systematic – which means a hell of a lot fewer bugs!

My next programming language was PL1. Then came Assembly programming. That is low level and we talk directly to the CPU and the memory with this symbolic code.

Then I learned Fortran and later RPGII which is a very special programming language for IBM’s computers. IBM1130, System 3, System 32, System 34 & System 36. They had 8″ floppy disks!

So I learned Basic. GW Basic and Acorn Basic. Acorn’s Basic was designed to use procedures which cleaned up the coding a lot.

Then came Poly Pascal and a few years later Turbo Pascal which was my favourite for many years to come. I created several hundred systems in Turbo Pascal. At that time we also got Dbase, Clipper, Delphi and a few other third-generation systems.

But things developed and I got a job where we had Visual Basic and Visual C# and the best of all – I got to program a shit load of things using DOS Batch under Windows. This is extremely complicated but VERY powerful. At that time I was also involved in Artificial Intelligence which wasn’t crazy advanced at that time.

Now, there is a basic rule to programming. Every time you write one line of code the next line of code should check if the first went well. A thumb of rule!

But that does not cover testing in general.


Testing computer programs.

Testing is a science programmers of today do not learn. As a programmer, you carry out your own tests when you are coding. And it often stops there. But it shouldn’t!

When you think your code is finished you hand it over to one or a few others and they test it for you. And they WILL find bugs. These testers should be a mix of programmers AND users! Because users do things programmers don’t expect.

They click on all the wrong buttons and they misinterpret what the computer screen says. And that’s a good thing.

When you are certain your code is free from bugs you send it out to approximately 100 users for 14 days. They will find 25% more bugs!

When you have fixed these bugs you send your software to 1,000 new users. They will find 10% more bugs!

When you have fixed them you send your software to 10.000 users and they will find 5% more bugs.

All in all, it is VERY hard to create software without bugs, but this is the way to fix MOST of them before releasing it to the entire world.

As a comment on the sideline, I would like to say that Twitter didn’t even have a test environment for their software. They just changed the running version of the software.

Testing properly is expensive like shit. That’s why many software producers decide to ship software without testing. In other words, they let users test it for free. They might save money but they hurt their reputation.

On this background I allow myself to assert that the system developers hired by Mark Zuckerberg, and that includes himself, are amateurs.

On top of that, I want to state that the Meta AI is similar to people in the stone age. Google AI is similar to people in the industrialization, but Elon Musk’s AI corresponds pretty much where humans are today.

Mark Zuckerberg says his AI is wrong in 10% of its decisions (I think it is more). Google’s AI has its flaws too but my guess is that their fail rate is considerably lower than Metas’.

Elon’s ChatGPT also makes mistakes, but it is worth noticing that these mistakes pretty much corresponds to the kind of mistakes humans make. ChatGPT can talk about things that are obviously wrong. So can humans. An they often do!

A few silly errors

These are two peculiar error messages from Facebook. The first says ‘Unknown error’ – whatever that is supposed to mean. The second says: ‘Couldn’t ask the question…

I have no idea who Facebook was trying to ask or what the question was, but it failed utterly.

Facebook in itself is a technical problem. This message and I frequently have intermezzos. Maybe I am too demanding and want functionality Facebook hasn’t invented yet.


Here is a nice contradiction. This is the kind of bug that makes me wonder if Mark’s sys devs are drunk.

The red banner says: Your page has been disabled.

The green check mark says: Your page has no limitations or violations.

In this case the page WAS deactivated but at least they answered our mails and opened it after a month or so.

The Facebook Page in question was Don’t Fuck With Daddy. The page has been on Facebook many years but new policies brought it down. But after writing to Facebook that this was a Company name and not just an expression, they opened it.

Just to make sure it won’t happen again we changed Fuck to Fck.

The website is here.


Shadow Restrictions

This is a weird message. Something in my account wasn’t blocked. Have no idea what I did wrong.

And that talks about community standards! Makes me puke! It has never had anything to do with community standards. It is more like Facebook Law for kindergarten ish.

This one is not a bug. This is Facebook playing God. They simply HAVE to limit our access to each other. Otherwise they can’t sell enough ads. I have absolutely no idea what that limit was but I was inviting friends to a new page. Maybe it would be smart to inform us exactly how many friends we can invite at given time intervals.

Can’t invite friends bug

No Facebook! You can’t count. I have 4.950 friends! And I haven’t invited one single one of them before. This bug existed several months until they finally fixed it. I wonder if I could find that bug faster. I am pretty sure I can. Even though I haven’t got the slightest knowledge of how they code. I can find any bug any where in any code! In a lot less than three months.

Temporiarily blocked for reporting


Thank You Facebook! Tank you for blocking me when reporting a scammer who wants to attract people to an adult dating site. There were two profiles with the exact same profile image, different names and several nude images. Oh – maybe it is Zuckerbergs wife…

There are millions of these profiles on Facebook. MILLIONS! The dating sites who create these profiles use students who want to make a little extra money. They get a dollar for every signup they get. They know these profiles have a short life span so they create profiles lik crazy. The more they create the bigger chance some horny guy signs up.

Some times I suspect Facebook have an agreement with these dating sites. They don’t do anything to delete them and reporting them has been increasingly more difficult.

Facebook Help Pages are gone

Here is an image showing Facebook help pages are gone. Not that it matters. They are worthless anyway.

False Fact Check

This one is interesting! You probably seen it a lot in 2019-2021.

It is interesting because Facebook is flat out lying here! Many of us already knew but here is evidence.

They claim this is Checked by independent fact-checkers.

The keyword is ‘Independent’.

I researched this! They use an organisation that is called

BUT get money from Google, Facebook, Robert Johnson – YES THAT Robert Johnson! The medical gigant Johnson and Johnson!

How can these socalled Independent factcheckers be independent if they get money form Facebook???

Zuckerberg is a lying cocknose.


You can read more details about here.

Not even Facebook knows what happened

This is kind of my favourite. Generic error messages saying nothing. Helping nothing. Meaning nothing. Great customer support!

How to create a post on Facebook – or not!

How to create a post without a Submit button. The brilliancy of Facebook will never cease to astound me. I am stil baffled and bewildered contemplating on what kind of crash test dummies they hire to create these systems…

Who owns this account? David or David?

I never found out what to do here. My simple brain isn’t geared for paradoxes and zen koans like this…

I streamed a video on Facebook 14 years before Mark was born.

Here is a video (no. 6) streamed to Facebook 14 years before Mark Zuckerberg was born…

Stream date: Janurary 1, 1970 – 51 years ago at the time. This is day ZERO in any bios and it is not my date that is set on the video. It is a server on Facebook that has this zero date issue – which hackers could use some years ago to get access to your systems.

Reporting Scammers

I am almost certain I once read Facebooks community guide lines, but apparently Facebook didn’t. They even recomended me to contact this lovely woman Augustina directly. I was tempted…

No point in reporting porn on Facebook. According to this it is not against their community standards…

I fear this is the kind of men who hide behind all these sex scammer profiles. He probably has an AK47 in his back pocket or hidden in his intergluteal cleft (butt crack).

Account warning

Your account may be restricted if you violate again…

Facebook hasn’t really taught their AI what is legal on Facebook and what is not. Maybe their AI should read the Community Standards…?

Trying to switch pages here. But that is probably against the Community Standards. So why would I do that?

Is Facebook spying on me in Real Life?

This is scary but I am relieved. I thought I was paranoid and then it shows up Facebook simply knows who my friends are in real life.

The day Facebook died

This morning I celebrated. I really thought Facebook was dead. Their stocks had dropped by more than 50% at this time and I shorted them!!! Lucky me! I celebrated! During this blackout they dropped 10% more. Facebook was gone for 24 hours! They can’t see 10 minutes into the future!

Patented Silence

FB Video Copyright Bug

Another one where I shake my head in dispair. Programmers who can’t program properly and then thsi video is taken down on a wrong basis. There could be two reasons here. Both based on bad coding skills. 

This error message gives us some time intervals containing copyrighted audio. The problem is that NONE of these intervals contain anything. They are totally silent. Seriously silent. I can’t get into my brain how a half studied home programmer can compare silence to music and conclude this is a copyright violation.

Maybe somebody has a copyright on silence???

The other possibility is they do like YouTube. If anyone random files a DMCA on your video YouTube takes it down IMMEDIATELY. They are so scared of the billion dollar fines they get from EU they won’t risk anything. Even if the claim is false.

And false copyright claims in the US is a serious legal matter. You can see the documents we sent through to a person who filed a false copyright claim here. It is VERY illegal!

So maybe someone filed a copyright claim and specified the time intervals to Facebook. I don’t think so but it could be possible. Knowing the kind of bugs Facebook is able to produce this is very likely just a bug.

Reporting a Scammer

This is Martin. 5 secs after reporting a scammer. I think Insta might want to be among scammers because they themselves are scammers.

No warning. No explanation. No nothing. Except for a suspension. They probably enjoy ban hammering paople randomly.

Suspicious Activity

This sick message visits my computer and my phone a few times a week. As if they don’t have anything else to accuse me for.

There IS NO automation what so ever on my computer. Neither my phone. But these brilliant buttheads think there is. That leaves me with only ONE conclusion: Their software is bugged! And this is not a far fetched conclusion considering everything else in this post.

Be careful when you switch devices. Instagram can’t detect it is you even though you are logged in. This has happened to me many times. Buy a new phone and you will get this.

Shadow Banned again

Natine doesn’t post much. Maybe one post a day. She has been restricted a lot so she doesn’t follow or Like. She can’t. But she got out of ‘jail’ a week ago. She was hammered for hate speech. This morning she got this one out of the blue. It seems like they automatically just limit her account regularily and for no reason. They probably don’t have anything better to do. It can be frustrating getting imposed to these kinds of limitations and you have no idea what is going on because they don’t tell you why. And there is NOTHING you can do about it.

But they DO make a ton of mistakes!!

Natine’s account has been hit with one unexplainable limitation after another from day one on Instagram, all of them because of a retarded, demented and psychopathic Stone Age AI. And a bunch of developers and managers with the same qualifications. They don’t even qualify for the title Amateur!

Natine gets this ‘Try again later’ error when clicking Like and when commenting. I tried clicking on that button and it sure felt strange. Nothing seemed to happen. So I got curious. I analyzed the code behind the button. And guess what? There is no code. The button is dead. It doesn’t do anything!

It is an obvious bug but they don’t care. They don’t read our reports anyway.

Hate Speech

Ban Hammered for hate speech. All she did was comment “Nice A$$” under an AI image of a woman who showed her beautiful ass to the camera.

Just to show how INCOMPETENT these fire crackers on Instagram are. They can’t tell the difference between a compliment and hate speech!

These unqualified thundercunts can’t poke a stick into a dog poop without ruining both! And NO! I am not kiddin’! I seriously mean that!

Commenting blocked

This is me trying to post a comment on one of Adams videos, but Instagram says: Couldn’t post comment. See the message in the lower left of the image.

I know FOR SURE I haven’t done anything I shouldn’t but for some crazy reason I can’t post. I could be shadow limited but I don’t know. I can’t see that any where.

I think their retarded AI misunderstood my comment even though I can’t figure out how. I tried to change the entire text but it didn’t work. Then I closed the comment box and refreshed the screen. I couldn’t find the comment I wanted to comment because there are thousands of them, but my next comment worked.

This is just Instagram playing a Medieval Ban Hammering God using a failed AI. The platform is so broken. This stupid CEO has ruined it in his attempts to play the Punisher.

Meta Ad Center shutdown

One of our clients (in another context) just finished a campaign on Instagram and wanted to do a variant. So she opened Ad Manager and was presented with this:

Some of your data failed to load

What happened right before this was she did the same search but for June only. So she expanded her date range and Booom! She got this!

Refreshing the page gave this: 

No access to Ad Manager Meta

So now we have one of these weirdo messages Saying she has an an ad account and she doesn’t!

Ad account or no ad account Meta

Here we have a user creating ads as often before and suddenly the imagery is replaced by a cryptic message saying: Invalid (keyboard) input. Input from call_to_action is invalid.

Very helpful!

AdCenter bug boost

Here is one who actually had been creating ads for a few months and suddenly this pops up. Surprise! You don’t have any ad accounts yet!!!

Wonder what kind of intelligence is behind this. Probably none.

No ad account yet

I was once told by a Meta supporter that Meta didn’t count violations. I asked SPECIFICALLY because the Ad Center indicated 1 previous socalled ‘violation’.

This count is on 3 now and the crazy thing about it is that theis ad NEVER even came close to violating anything in their terms and guidelines. We had Martin looking through everything. He is my lawyer and partner in my company. There was NO violations. There were images of a girl on a beach in bikini but that is NOT illegal according to Meta’s rubber rules. 

But the AI that runs through ads ‘felt’ that it was violating Meta’s terms and flagged it. The supporter we talked to (in phone) was as much in disbelief as us.

This is what makes my piss boil! I am allergic to people who says one thing and does another. That goes for companies too. I have ZERO trust in companies that do NOT live after their own standards.

And to make things even worse they threaten the user by stating: “If your ads go against our Advertising Standards again, it may result in your account being disabled or restricted.”

Stupid monkeys!

They can’t fairly claim that we as users violate their terms when a lawyer (and simple people for that matter) concludes that their policies have NOT been violated! But they even take it a step furter and threaten us on basis of their own double standards!!!

Stupid monkeys!

I am sorry, but I have a real hard time respecting idiots that haven’t got any intentions of being fair! Like the rules are meant to punish people. As much as possible. 

The punishing God from Medieval times comes to mind…

Ohhh.. And usually you can request another review – manually inspection. But as you can read in the top this is not possible this time. For some obscure reason. The bot has brought it’s verdict. And it was based on drunk or incompetent (or both) system developers. And a Medieval banhammering God in the CEO office…


One thing is all these crazy bugs and error messages especially on Instagram but Facebook has an element of it too. 

Another thing I really hate is META playing Ban Hammering punishing Gods!

Moderating a platform like Instagram includes TWO elements:

1. You did something to violate our terms, knowingly or more likely unknowingly, so we stop what ever action you are doing. 

2. We also need to punish you because we think you violated our terms. (The blame part).

This is the same phenomena we see in dirty cops. The police is supposed to Stop a crime. Not to punish the one who did it. This luckily is a behaviour we don’t see in Europe. 

A tendency in the US is that many people want to play God and punish other people. Just like the United States has become the worlds dirty cop.

On Instagram and Facebook, there is no need for punishing people because they have systems to stop unintended behaviour. And that is enough to make a platform run efficiently. Adding a punishment is redundant and totally unnecessary.

Instagram and partly Facebook act like a medieval God who you would think has the almighty power to stop unintended behaviour swinging the ban hammer – often randomly and add a punishment to the ‘violation’ that easily could be handled without these mofos exercising their power.

Sorry folks, but my unmistakable point of view is that punishing users on these platforms tells a lot about the management of these places.

Why do they want to punish people? Why do they think that is necessary? If you do something wrong on these platforms, it is THEM who failed! They should put up a sign saying you cannot follow more than 10 people each day.

But not Instagram. Every time you follow 11 people you get secretly flagged and when you get flag no 4 you are punished and can’t follow one single person for a week. And sometimes this punishment is also applied to Threads even if the ‘violation’ happened on Instagram.

Why add the punishment? The perceived crime has already been stopped!

The psychological explanation is that the management in these places basically are insecure children that got hold of dad’s gun and now they use it to make sure they can hold on the that power by playing the Medieval punishing God. They WANT us to see how powerful they are. They want to portray themselves as flawless and perfect.

I see the same pattern all over the world. Mostly in the American culture. They all had a dad who didn’t tell them how proud he was of his kid. This is the perfect way to create insecure grown up’s, unconscious of their motives and who are covering up their lack of validation by achievements, superiority and narcissism.

This always leaves the kid spending the rest of the life trying to accomplish things to get dad’s attention. Even if dad is not around anymore.

Deep down they are simply saying: Look at me Dad. Am I good enough now?

I can’t stress this enough: If you rely exclusively on Instagram and Facebook you ask for problems!!! Use risk diversification. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!  


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