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Almirah S Simit


Are you interested in running a paid advertising campaign on your Facebook page?

We pay $500 for an ad



Depends a LOT on what it is.

Debra Quincy

Jul 25, 2023, 11:15 PM


Almirah S Simit

We are interested in providing you with monetization from sponsor ads on the side of your page.

We are associated with more than 1000 multinational companies like IBM, Nike, puma, Adidas, Hockey and many more like them.

The content will be related to the category of your page, no bad content or content that goes against Facebook policy will be published.

You will be given 10 ads created daily and you will select and place two of them.

I will explain everything about how it works, first tell us how does it sound to you? Thank you

Jul 26, 2023, 7:12 PM



So far sounds good.
Should ads ads be posted in videos or on FB wall?
Are ads related to content?
How often? We usually don’t stream on a daily basis.

Debra Quincy


Almirah S Simit

Terms and conditions

Now let me clear, everything will managed by yourself because it’s all in your hands i just guide you and you will do it all by yourself and we will pay you before posting ads.
We will just provide you content related to your page niche.

as explained work is quite simple
i will send you the Content will be related to the category of your page no any bad content will be posted or which against the Facebook policy

We will publish 14 ads per week on your page and we will do this ad campaign for For 2 week. If we get positive response from your page audience and if you want to continue to work with us after 2 week then we will increase the ads quantity and also increase the ads price

So If you agree then we can start the process?


Almirah S Simit

We will only provide you with created ads and you will simply place them on your page and we will pay you for it.

Please let me know how you would like to receive your payment because we offer different types of payment methods.





cash app

apple payment

google pay

money gram

Bank account

Western Union

How would you like to be paid?

Bank Account



Almirah S Simit

Alright bank account fine,

Let me have you experience of sponsored ads before ever?


Almirah S Simit

Okay we will send you ads over your business account via our business account through email and you can see the ads there and also can place from there, you get paid for the ad placement.

It will be done instantly after we complete ad campaign setup, so let me know your email address and I can send invitation mail for joining Ad Account



[email protected]


Almirah S Simit

Now kindly check your mailbox. In the social mails, you will find newly received mails from Facebook to which you have given access to the ad platform. Open it by clicking Get Started and accept it with your Facebook verification and let me

Fri 9:23 PM

Almirah S Simit

Have you received the invitation mail??





Almirah S Simit

Can I send you invitation request link here?



Try mail again: [email protected]


Almirah S Simit

Okay send again kindly check your mailbox and Have you Dona and send me screenshot



Ok just a moment