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In the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, Goldie and I embarked on one of our classic expeditions to acquire Russian weapons, which we had previously secured in a distant mountain cave.

As the son of a retired KGB officer, Goldie was driven by a sense of duty to bring the rogue former KGB asset, Lev, to justice. This tyrant had built a private army to obtain Russian war leftovers, and his stash was hidden in caves similar to the ones we had used before.

Goldie’s father had previously attempted to locate Lev without success, but we were determined to change that. Armed with insider knowledge and precise intel, we traveled to Afghanistan to track him down.

We had been observing his movements for a while and finally spotted him across the canyon from our mountain slope outlook. We watched in horror as Lev tortured a young, beautiful woman whom he had taken hostage with the hope of extracting a ransom.

Goldie and I were incensed and knew we had to take action. I aimed my Barrett M82 rifle at Lev, and the 0.5-inch BMG round hit its mark. While Goldie cleared the area, I took out Lev’s henchmen from our strategic vantage point. In the end, we eliminated a total of fifteen of his followers.

The woman we saved was none other than Debra Quincy, a courageous fighter who impressed us with her resilience. She joined our team and proved to be an invaluable asset. In a stroke of fate, Debra happened to come across one of her sisters, Lenora, in Santa Monica after 19 years of separation. They promptly set off to find their third sister, Angelica.

Our team became involved in the search for Angelica, who had been kidnapped by a ruthless trafficking ring with connections to the Albanian mafia. With the help of our brilliant team member, Coach, we orchestrated a well-coordinated raid in Vlöre, which involved the elimination of half of the Albanian mafia.

The trafficking ring had global ties to brothels and drug suppliers, and we, together with the Trinity Sisters, put an end to their depraved activities. We even took down a trafficking auction in London, effectively putting a stop to their evil operation.