Who We Are

John David Carmichael

International Transport and Logistics. His great-granddad lived in Chicago and was a driver for Al Capone in 1925-1928. They smuggled liquor from bootleggers in Canada and distributed it in and around Chicago and Detroit.

John is our go-to guy whenever we need transport around the world. He is the main reason why our prices are very competitive.



Martin Arduino

Martin is a lawyer. You want HIM on YOUR side! He is head of our team of international lawyers. He makes sure all local laws are respected. And used!



David Holywood

David is our cyberspecialist. He will extract information from both sides of any firewall or gateway. You can’t hide digital information any where any more. He has traced and busted BitCoin scammers in Beijing, found ‘missing’ persons on the Internet and been involved in the take down of several trafficking rings from London to Albania.

Besides being our Digital Dictator he has a lifetime of experience in Kyokushinkai karate, Nippon Kenpo, Tai Chi Kempo Kung Fu, Tao Te Ching Kung Fu, JKD Kung Fu, Weng Chun & Several Aikido styles.



John Psycho

Psycho is probably the only man in the universe who succeeded in black mailing the Coccaine Import Agency. The Sea King he is commanding is an old CIA (SAD) chopper.

He has worked in Afghanistan flying shady stuff for ‘Air America’ from the villages to Herat International Airport until he found out independent transports were more lucrative.

Psycho is our private pilot.



Miss Tipsy

Tipsy is a lady you won’t fuck with. She has a black belt in almost every Martial Arts Discipline in the world. And she throws things. Knives, stones, sticks, coins, shoes, plates, coffee, you…

She is a determined single when she states the fact that most men are pussies!