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We bought this truck in Italy right before taking on the Nigerian Mafia in Southern Italy.

The Interior of The Tech Truck:

8 beds – can be doubled, small kitchen, shower, toilet, fast speed Internet, 85″ wide screen monitor, satellite uplink, safe, laser equipment, air conditioner, meteorological equipment, small server park, lap tops, bullet proof (hand guns and small rifles) and a bean machine!
And it is armoured. We are protected from small calibres. Handguns and submachine guns.

The Computer Section of The Tech Truck:

The security of the computer tech is ginormous. The computers in the truck are equipped with special surveillance software Goldie has written. It monitors everything and ‘rings’ an alarm if anything is out of the ordinary. The computers are hiding behind a military-grade firewall before the signal goes to the satellite. It is not just one satellite. It’s three to cover the entire globe. These are also equipped with serious firewalls and work like an anonymizing proxy. The satellites communicate with a secret number of proxies hidden in huge data centres also protected by yet another firewall. If we want more ‘hide my ass’ technology we, can route the signal through the Tor network, but it is not really necessary and it will make the connection very slow.

On top of that, the signal flips between the hidden servers and the three satellites so a hacker – including the NSA hasn’t got a Chinaman’s chance to get through.

The point is not to protect our computers because there is nothing sensitive about them.

Nothing to hack. The point is to be able to hide our asses when we go online so absolutely no one can get any info about our location. We want to access the perpetrators’ bank accounts without leaving any useful digital fingerprints. We are simply not there. 

The Money Flow

 We have a policy.

It is: We leave the perps as crippled as we possibly can!

It serves two purposes.

  1. We have to think about our client’s security. The more we cripple the perps and the longer we put them away, the less damage they can do.
  2. We also have to think about our own security.

We take everything away from the traffickers and the paedophiles. Everything! We empty their bank accounts. We seize their cars, houses, boats, bikes, phones, papers, computers. The money goes into a trust fund that finances our operations. In other words, the perps we fight pay our salaries.

We leave them without any means to buy a defence lawyer, because the longer they go away the safer the world is and the happier our children are.

The procedure

We hit them hard and we hit them fast. This means we need computers on the road to zero their bank accounts as fast as possible. This is part of the The Tech Truck’s purpose.

The transfer of money goes through our privately owned bank. Yes, we have a bank. But it is not really a bank. It is a digital setup used to transfer money from the traffickers’ bank accounts. There is only one account. Ours. So it is the world’s smallest bank. The physical address regularly moves from one African state to another which means transactions through this bank are impossible to trace and the same account number is never used twice.

If the authorities are looking for a particular account they will never find it. And every time the bank moves to another country it gets new fake owners and a new country code. The old bank vanishes and a new one arises.

From this new bank, we send the money in smaller portions to ordinary banks – often small local banks in Africa and we go there to collect the cash. The money is gone. No trace.

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