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Threats are something we don’t take lightly. Neither does the Federal law. Not only in the US, but in almost every country on the globe.

So when our client received this threat: Read here, we acted.

Here is nothing to be afraid of. It is a standard bluff and we have seen thousands of these. The real funny thing is they demand Bitcoin and state that Bitcoin can’t be traced. And he claims the sender can’t be traced.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Both can be traced in a matter of seconds! Yes seconds!

Here is the perpetraitors Bitcoin Wallet. Opened to the public. Nothing is a secret. Not to us. It shows a balance of exactly BTC 0,00.

Further more there are ZERO transactions in his account so no one fell for his scam – which was truly poor formatted and prepared…


Threatening people is a serious matter and can put you behind bars for many years. And on top of that he admitted to have hacked our clients computer which is an equally serious crime!

So we sent back a LEGAL counter threat. 

 And his invoice.